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【比賽家長必讀】比賽的計分方法,以及參加者應該注意的地方[Must Read for All Parents] Scoring System for Tournaments, and Tips for


From November onwards, there will be a lot of chess tournaments until July. Many new participants and their parents would have a lot of questions, which this passage hopes to answer.

計分方法 Scoring System


All results are calculated by computer, so the only possible error is due to incorrectly entered results. If for example you have won the last round, but no score has been added to your name in the current round, you must object immediately. If you don't, all results are final after the current round is started.


Now tournaments are mostly organised in Swiss system: A "reversed pyramid" system that always pairs the same score players, until in theory there is one player that can win seven rounds without loss. So seven around can in theory entertain One Hundred Twenty Eight Players. (2^7, Two to the power of seven)


Tiebreakers to sort out the same scored players, with the most commonly seen methods (Decided by Judge)

直接對賽成績 (Direct encounter, the winner prevails)

同分的直接對賽成績 (The same score group sorted together, whoever wins more games against the other same score player wins)

所有對手加起來的總得分 (Cumulative score of all opponents played)

較多後手 (More Black Colour played)

所以出現了一種打法,就是Swiss Gambit。Swiss的意思就是先刻意輸棋,然後才贏。按常理不斷地贏然後再在最後輸,一定是比先輸了才最後爬上去難。但是大家也是同得六分,就要看對手的得分總數,才知道誰的六分得來更不易。

So there's a method called Swiss Gambit, which you intentionally lose the first round game. It must be easier to win six games later to get 6 points, than to keep winning six rounds before losing the final round. So we look at the total score of their opponent, to determine who had a harder job to get their six points.

練習方法 Practice Method

不斷做練習 - 比賽一星期前每天三十分鐘,比賽前一天下一兩盤棋就可以,練習可以停

Tactics and exercise, 30mins per day 1 week before tournament, on the day before, stop the exercise and just play a few casual games.

開局 - 大約看看自己和對手開始的幾步,有點心理准備,也應該回顧自己之前回其他人,和爸媽,和電腦下的棋,檢討自己的錯處

Opening - Review the first few steps to prepare mentally, also look at your own games with your mom and dad, your computer, other players

休息 - 必需要有充足睡眠

Rest - Rest and sleep very well and early, tournament is tough

運動 - 一星期前每天做點小運動,帶氧運動最好

Exercise - Do some exercise, preferably with cardio

飲食 - 飲食必需充足和均衡,可帶一點水和小吃在比賽時享用,每場二十分鐘也不短

Diet - A balanced diet, with some snacks and water during your chess game, 20 minutes per game can be a long time

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