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Home Letter 2021

Having a few changes in life:

1) Getting married - Thinking of leaving Hong Kong to start a family, it looks imperative. You know to be honest I have never imagined I would get a girlfriend. These are messy times, don't think there's much to think about, pressure and uncertainty give certainty.

2) Japanese - I like going to Japan, who doesn't? (Probably Ayden because he is Korean, I don't know) :P Good food Good scenery, can't do any harm learning a new language

3) Driving Buses and Trucks - It's the same logic that if you like to cook, you'd try to cook all kinds of food. Kinda useful skills to have overseas I presume, I just like driving all kinds of cars.

4) Investment - Lately I am trying to apply some chess concepts into investment, and made some good fortune. I think I am pretty good at this, but of course mentioning it here doesn't seem to be appropriate at all. Some of the parents here are bankers and lawyers.

5) Gym - Got very fat during COVID, need extra time to workout. 6) Reading - Tons of books to be read, but never got the time. 7) Cooking - Also I am learning how to cook at ABC cooking, going to get some license by completing the course. 8) Promoting next generation to take my place when I am gone - Honestly I wont be here forever, and it looks like a good idea to try and promote the next generation to teach my current students (at least partly), getting them involved to have some hands-on experience in teaching and working. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I think I teach chess just because I still feel useful to people around me and the next generation (kinda like talking big and important concepts to innocent kids, like structural thinking, quantity vs quality, trying to prove you are wrong rather than right, examine critical options first, etc). Also get to talk to and know different parents, which I honestly think is much more fun than getting paid. Learning a lot from them, not just hard facts, but their air and attitude, something you can only learn and get acquainted with when that person is next to you. In short, my own time cost is getting higher and higher, and with the spirit of good gestures, would need to think of delegating some of the teaching responsibilities to my friends and colleagues to avoid hard feelings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So accounting for the time spent on whatsapp answering questions + free online and offline activities (Yes this is all included actually), plus inflation and free 24-hrs cancellation policy, the services and flexibility should be reflected on the price offered to students and parents. Here is the brief info of my two less experienced but definitely qualified friends and colleagues. They are my partners and can take full responsibility and fees if they can earn it, not going to take any commission from them. Rest assured, you will still be in the group entitled to all the benefits and help, and will be notified if there are any tournament news / on/offline activities of ours. Mr Hubert Leung - Deputy Coach of Wah Yan Kowloon Chess Team, Team Member of University of Edinburgh (MA in History and Classics), English and Cantonese

Ms Wong Ching Chi - HKG Olympiad Women Representative, Woman Candidate Master of FIDE (Currently taking DSE until May 2021) Putonghua and Cantonese. Please see her profile here: I appreciate the trust and partnership so long, so please do excuse the price adjustment. (e.g. Price adjustment for each student is different, please do ask)

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